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Longwood Rotary Club Foundation has distributed its one-millionth dollar in grants to support projects locally and globally, strengthening this community.

Initially, this was done through small fundraising efforts throughout the year. As Longwood Rotary saw the community need growing, as well as the desire to make a more significant impact in the community, the club began to implement a single fundraiser — the Gala — to raise funds for the Foundation.

Some of the local projects and organizations that have received support from the Longwood Rotary Club Foundation include Anson Nixon Playground equipment and installation, Book Bag Project and activities with Kennett Area Community Service, Project C.U.R.E., La Comunidad Hispana, Stroud Water Research Center, Tick Tock Learning Center, The Garage Community and Youth Center, Kennett Senior Center, Girls in Science & Technology Program, Project WIN at Kennett High School, Domestic Violence Center of Chester County, Reins For Life, Arts Holding Hands and Hearts, and Community Volunteers in Medicine.

Karen Ammon, executive director at Tick Tock Early Learning Center, said the funds provided by Longwood Rotary provide affordable education to low-income parents.

"This helps us with our overall mission of serving the community by providing high quality, affordable childcare to working families. Parents and caregivers can fully focus on work knowing their children are safe, happy, well fed and well educated," she said. "Thanks to the Longwood Rotary Tick Tock Early Learning Center was able to improve safety and security center wide."

"Longwood Rotary's $1,500 grant to AHHAH to build 10 PULL (Pop Up Lending Libraries) Stations in Kennett Square set in motion a community collective impact campaign in Kennett Square focusing on arts and children's literacy. The money helped pay for materials used to build the PULL Stations," said Jan Michener, Executive Director, Arts Holding Hands and Hearts.

Once again Oliver Heating and Cooling is donating a new heating and cooling system to our Gala silent auction. The system will be installed by Oliver personnel, who many of our members know are great professionals to have working  in your home from experience, after you finalize your selection of the system options you need. This has been a major funds generator at our auction now for years. 
President Tammy Duering awarded Dick Sanford, founder of Operation Warm, with Rotary's Community Service Excellence Award. 
Dick Sanford, Operation Warm's founder, reminded us that Operation Warm was started by the Longwood Rotary Club 20 years ago this year when Dick decided to do something about the children he saw waiting for school buses with no coats during the winter. The club joined Dick in buying new coats for 58 kids at a local store. From that beginning it has grown into a separate national operation that will provide new winter coats for 425,000 kids attending kindergarten through sixth grades this year.
The coats will be distributed through 1,000 events spread through across all 50 states. The events are managed by Operation Warm in conjunction with corporate, Rotary, fire house, union and other sponsors. The sponsors fund and help staff the three hour events where up to 500 kids shop for their new coat. Every sponsor finds this to be one of the most satisfying activities they can do. Often those who work at the event find themselves in tears at the overwhelming joy the kids show in their new coat, possibly the first truly new piece of clothing they ever owned. The coats are a source of immense pride and confidence for their wearers. 
Congratulations to Jose Colon and his wife on the birth of their son!  Aiden Manuel Colon was born on November 24th, at 2:09 p.m.  He was 8 lbs., 11 oz., and 20.5 inches long.  Baby and mother are doing great and Jose is very proud!
Immediate past president Lenny Rivera (pictured on right) got to meet Aiden and reports that he is very cute!
The Gardens are just about ready for us to start greeting their guests. The trees are lit and final touches were being placed on decorations this past week. Are you ready for your shifts? 
Our community assessment effort is being led by Ted Trevorrow, who made the report to us based on the meeting held at Longwood Gardens a few weeks ago. 
The meeting was attended by a total of 36 community leaders, including municipal officials, police, school administrators, and the leaders of essentially all the non-profits in our community. The needs assessment meeting was the first time all of these people were in the same meeting. Attendees found this alone was helpful as many were able to find points of shared interest and activity as the discussion progressed where they could coordinate services and activities. Ted knew the meeting was going very well when this started to happen. That impression was confirmed when the attendees volunteered they want to attend any other such meetings we organize and said they hope we will organize such meetings. 
Dave Haradon led the discussion by asking a series of selected questions of the attendees, Their comments and suggestions were recorded and displayed for all to see, helping the conversation develop. This developed a long list of ideas which Ted, Dave and Karen Ammon have summarized into the following major areas of concern or need: 
  • Gentrification is good for generating tax revenue and community growth by has the backspin of forcing those with lower incomes out of the community. This needs management. 
  • Housing affordability is a major issue and is impacting major industries such as mushroom growing by making labor scarce
  • Public transit is non-existent, increasing the impact of the housing affordability issue 
  • The Hispanic residents are being adversely impacted by deportation and immigration issues. They fear talking with the police and interacting with government, and is reducing their opportunities in general. 
  • Greater community collaboration is needed among service providers. A specific need identified was having a common database to coordinate services among non-profits. 
  • Child care is very limited. The impact is disruption in the labor market 
  • Youth issues such as drugs, drinking and vaping are of concern. 
The next steps are to develop a list of project ideas built around the areas of concern identified for our membership to choose from. An early idea developed was to select one family each year for Rotarians to mentor. Nothing will be brought to the club for consideration until the list is fully developed. 
It is once again the time of year that we begin planning for our First Crew Disaster Relief Trip for the Fall.  This year, we will be heading to the Houston area to assist in the refurbishment of homes devastated by hurricane Harvey.  We will partner again with Fuller Center, with whom we worked during two trips to the Louisiana area.  The dates for the trip are Sunday, October 28 through Saturday, November 3.  Actual work will commence on Monday and finish on Friday afternoon.  As usual, there will be a Sunday evening team planning meeting to meet Fuller Center personnel and get organized for the work week.
I have prepared an information sheet to give you more detail about the trip this year.  Please see the information below for details.  Historically, we have had no pressure to finalize our volunteer list but the Houston area is a popular Disaster Relief volunteer location and apparently housing is at a premium so we may have to set earlier deadlines than usual.   
Our very own Jordan Gushurst was published in the Chester County Weeklies
Now that we are in July, it is a good time to enjoy a break in the routine of school and after-school activities. My wife and I are blessed to have good jobs, healthy children, and a great home in beautiful Chester County PA. Life can be hectic and stressful at times, however I recognize that my family does not experience the financial and emotional challenges that many do. Along with the beauty of this area and the high-quality schools comes the reality that life can be very expensive in Chester County, especially for people who work in jobs that pay below average wages. Several years ago, I asked myself what was the best way to help my children appreciate the blessings they have received. The answer was to get more involved in community service projects. I joined the Longwood Rotary Club and have enjoyed working on a wide variety of projects to give back to the community. My favorite projects allow me to include my children, and in this column, I am now inviting you to take part as well.
President Tammy Duering inducted Dawn Doherty Kohl, whose sponsor was Bob Merkle to our club.  Welcome Dawn!