It is SO good to be returning to our Rotary Home at Longwood Gardens.  For many years, Longwood Rotary has been making Thursday mornings at 7 AM the most fun time of the week as our engaged and enthusiastic members gather to support each other, and advance the good works of Rotary here in Kennett Square and around the world. After a long hiatus – it is great to see the magic return and the restoration of our Club to its rightful order!  

The core of our Clubs strength is ‘Fellowship and Service’.  Weekly, we bring in speakers to inform us of the amazing array of organizations that are doing good works both locally and globally.  Monthly we find ways to help the needy, house the homeless, support families, advance literacy, and improve the community in many other ways, both as acts of personal association and community improvement. Also, at our meetings, we share our personal stories via Happy (and occasionally not so happy) Dollars to celebrate meaningful events that help us maintain the 1-1 connections within the Club family.  

And, our Club can certainly put the ‘FUN’ in fundraising.  To our traditional Gala at the Longwood Gardens Conservatory – we’ve added the Great Grub Grab Rotary Restaurant Raffle! and other events to raise over $100,000 to support community service projects; over 80% of that money stays right here in the Kennett area.  Through our One Community initiative, we’re reaching out across the community to other service groups so we can combine our skills, as well as our personal and financial resources.  For those reading this who are not Rotarians, to help us, we’re not insisting that you join our Club (but we’d love to have you), only that you share our passion to build a better place to live and work. Come visit us some Thursday morning and see how we do it!

Thank you once again for giving me this opportunity to serve as President of the Longwood Rotary Club for the 2021-22 year. To my fellow Rotarians who have enthusiastically agreed to serve on the Board of Directors and other key positions within our Club, many thanks and I look forward to working with you to show Rotary in Action! We have an outstanding Club, a great legacy to guide us – and a world of opportunities in front of us.  It will be an exciting year! 

Rob Newman

President 2021 - 2022

Longwood Rotary Club 


Rotarianism thrives in all places where men (and women!) think and their hearts are large enough to include the cares of others.  The Rotarian, Sept 1912