Lynn Nathan - Longwood Rotary President 2022-2023
We are a group of diverse people passionate about service. Service is what we do. It brings a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that is priceless; and it comes in many forms.
During this coming Rotary year, I want everyone to discover their own Rotary passion and avenue of service. I hope to see you raise your hands when asked to serve. I will be contacting each of you to find out what I can do to make your Rotary Experience more rewarding.  
I want to incorporate a Rotary Minute at every meeting.  Consider this one: The original members of the first Rotary Club felt that fellowship and goodwill was so important that they informally resolved to take steps to avoid any risks to their friendships, banning the discussion of topics that might have created controversy and hurt feelings. Paul Harris wrote: “Go about your common tasks together; avoid discussions of dissentious subjects, and your reward will be friendship.”
The establishment of a standing Fellowship Committee will ensure that all those who joined for fellowship will have plenty of avenues to get to know and appreciate each other.

Let me talk a little more about this Rotary year. The theme for this year is “Imagine Rotary.” Albert Einstein said that “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Jennifer Jones, our first female President of Rotary International, has asked us to take a step back and to IMAGINE what else we could be doing, or what we could be doing better. Can we set higher goals, recruit more members,  create new collaborations, make a bigger impact, tackle problems we never considered, or change the world around us for the better?
During this coming year as your Rotary Club President, let’s take up Jennifer’s challenge and imagine what more this Club can be. Come with me on this journey and let our imaginations soar. Remember that scene in Field of Dreams when Kevin Costner sees a message on the scoreboard: “Build it and they will come.” Well, let’s put our own spin on that message: “Imagine it and we will make it happen – together!”
I am so inspired for the coming year – and I imagine you all are too!

Lynn Nathan

President 2022 - 2023

Longwood Rotary Club 


Rotarianism thrives in all places where men (and women!) think and their hearts are large enough to include the cares of others.  The Rotarian, Sept 1912