4th Quarter Invoices were sent via email, please pay online through the Quick Books link or bring payment to meeting.

MEMBERSHIP as of 4/1/19:
Active members; 87 of which 6 are on leaves of absence. Those on leave include: Iacocca, Karkosak, Khan, Laurence, Lewis, and Rover.
In addition we have 5 alternate corporate members
Those with year-to-date perfect attendance: Arrouet, Brunovszky, Carpenter, Colon, Connoly, Crego, Curran, Duering, Fenstermacher, Foresman, Gehrt, Gower, Gushurst, Haradon, Horn, Hrenko, Kane, Kanofsky, Koenig, Kolvenbag, Korengel B, Listerman, Marble, McDougall, Merkle, Moyer, Murphy B, Nathan–Samick, Newman, Noolan, O’Connor, Reynolds, Rosas, Rybarczyk, Schultz, Scott, Sheehan, Simpers, Steller, Talley, Trevorrow, Vannicola, White.
! If you think you should make the perfect attendance list, log into our website to double check your meeting attendances and  make ups. (FYI; Rotary International changed attendance requirements: you must attend 50% of regular meetings in each half of the Rotary year (previously 60%). 

District Attendance Position: Not number 1. Make sure to scan yourself in at our meetings and give or email your make up meetings and volunteer-project-participation to Leonie Kolvenbag (details and dates), or enter this information on pour website.