Brenda's Troutman's interest in gardening began at a young age when she started helping her dad in the vegetable garden. As time went on the garden became hers since none of her five siblings had any interest in it. She expanded the garden to about ½ acre, feeding her family of nine plus producing enough extra food for a roadside vegetable stand.

Through the years her interest expanded to include sustainable living practices, creating a balance ecosystem in her backyard, and the use of native plants and providing for pollinators. Concerned with what was happening with bees she announced to her husband that she wanted to get into beekeeping six years ago. As hobbyist beekeepers Brenda and her husband have maintained an average of ten hives since.

In 2015 Brenda was excepted into the Penn State Master Gardener Program for Delaware County. Through Master Gardeners she Chairs the Adult Community Center in Folsom, writes articles for the Master Gardener newsletter, participates in hands on gardening workshops, gives talks on beekeeping, the use of native plants in the landscape, and developing and certifying gardens as pollinator friendly.