Unionville High School Counselor Carolyn Spiegel introduced our Student of the Quarter, Mira Zutshi, as a scholar, athlete, musician and leader. Carolyn said "Mira seeks knowledge for its own sake. When helping someone with a problem or issue, she then uses her knowledge to help that person."
Mira's leadership relies on her strong communication skills, which Carolyn feels are effective because of Mira's strong empathy and flexibility. Mira's talent playing violin led her to participate in the school orchestra, and her first service project. 
Mira said she started to learn leadership through her membership on the high school swimming and rowing teams. Her first exposure to formal leadership training came in her sophomore year when she attended a Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership camp. Her participation in the camp inspired Mira to start Hungry for Music, which helps provide music instruments to those students with the need to play music.
Mira's second major leadership effort focuses on the STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, workshops she provides Philadelphia school students. She started with just two Philadelphia students participating in the after school workshops in electronics and robotics a couple of years ago. This effort has grown so large Mira launched a club at Unionville High School this year to support the program at the several city schools now participating. The participants are drawn to the hands-on activities and learn math and science as a result. 
In addition to the two service initiatives Mira started, Mira works at La Communidad Hispania and the Chester County Intermediate Unit teaching English as a second language and citizenship. During the summer Mira works the information desk at Riddle Memorial Hospital. 
Mira has yet to identify the college she wants to attend, but she is focused on Electrical Engineering as her area of study.