Joyce Tannian is the Founder of Water is Life Kenya, (WILK) a DE non-profit organization. While working as a volunteer in Kenya in 2006, Joyce saw the glaring need for clean, accessible, and dependable water in rural communities in southern Kenya, and took action. Today, Water is Life Kenya’s 23 major water projects provide clean water to more than 55,000 people, transforming their lives.

An innovator and creator, Joyce and her team went on to develop WILK’s Livestock as a Business program, which increases incomes by training farmers in improved livestock keeping. Higher incomes, plus effective local water management committees trained by WILK, ensure a consistent clean water supply,

Water is Life Kenya then started the Fair Trade Certified beaded handicrafts business, bringing additional income to dozens of families. Profits help fund WILK’s clean water projects.

To learn how Joyce got started, watch her Tedx talk “Singing Water out of the Ground in Kenya.”