The 3 Rotary Clubs of Kennett Square joined forces to make some local community leaders Paul Harris Fellows for their efforts making Kennett Square a better place to live and work.       The Paul Harris Fellowship Award is one of the highest honors Rotary can bestow, and on 11 November, over 125 Rotarians, including our District Governor and other guests joined in recognizing their contributions. Rob Newman, President of the Longwood Rotary Club said “This is probably the largest gathering of Rotarians since the District Conference in 2019! It is fantastic to see our 3 Clubs work together to recognize these individuals who have done so much for our community”. Brian Roberts, President of the Kennett Square Rotary and Kim Vaughn-Stout from the Kennett Lite Rotary were also presenters during the program. 

The awardees were: 

Lewis Barnard: For over 300 years, his family farm has been a landmark in the community. As a man true to his Quaker faith, simple, humble, and above all, KIND, he reminds the rest of us just how important agriculture is to our community. He’s an active member of the Pennsylvania Apple Growers Association and serves on the Planning Commission of Newlin Township.

Joan Holliday: She has been involved in the Kennett area community serving first as the visiting community health nurse in 1982. In this role, she had the opportunity to experience and identify the needs of the vulnerable community while having access to the businesses, non-profits and service organizations. She has continued with this through the years being a leader in groups such as La Comunidad Hispana, the Health and Welfare Foundation of Southern Chester County, the Historic East Linden project and multiple educational initiatives.  

Mike and Nancy Pia: The Pia family manage their mushroom farming business, South Mill Champs.   Nancy and Mike Pia have championed children's causes for over 20 years. Through the Michael and Nancy Pia Foundation, they have supported numerous organizations dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in 3 areas: poverty and homelessness; health and mental well-being; and education.

This is a great example of taking something that we Rotarians see every day – Paul Harris Fellowships – and using this international symbol of Service above Self to serve two purposes:  Recognize members of our community who provide great leadership, and to elevate the presence of Rotary in our community.  If there are any other clubs in the District that would like to plan such an event – please contact Rob, Brian or Kim; we’d be glad to help you!