The Crime Victims Center was originally founded to support rape victims. Today the Center works with anyone who was a victim of any crime at any time in the past, whether the crime was reported to police or not. All services are free. The victim needs to reside in Chester County, or the crime was committed within the county to qualify. 
Service consists of whatever support the crime victim needs. Counselors accompany the victim when they go to rape examinations, the courtroom for trial, and meetings with police and attorneys. When needed referrals are made to other agencies, including food banks, housing support agencies, etc. 
The support provided by these agencies is often tailored to the unique needs of crime victims. For example, the food bank maintains emergency supply boxes so 1 week of food assistance is immediately available when wage earners are removed from the home. 
The Center also puts a lot of effort into education to prevent crime, providing programs for those in kindergarten and older. Classes for children cover topics such as bullying, internet safety, cyber bullying. Safe and unsafe touches are presented to very young children through a puppet show. 
Adult material includes a 2 hour workshop on how victimization changes lives and crime prevention. 
All services are provided by 7 counselors or advocates. Each advocate carries a case load of about 150 people. None of the advocates are attorneys. Their role is to help with the physical and emotional effects of the crime. 
Crime victims are referred to the Center by police, hospitals and the DA's office. Two hotlines are staffed at all times, one for rape victims and one for all others. The Center is now testing walk in offices within the boroughs in the county as a new way to reach out and help victims.