Bob Curran, president of the Foundation Board, gave us a quick update on our Foundation. Fiscal year-to-date we have made 27 grants for a total of $41,853. Several of the grants were matched by the Rotary International Foundation, adding $8,275 to what we were able to invest in our community. These investments break out by areas of focus for our foundation as follows:
  • 30% in education
  • 22% internationally
  • 22% with a quality of life focus
  • 11% health and public safety
  • 11% for community and economic development
  • 4% in environmental efforts
All grants are made after a formal application is filed with the foundation. 
In addition to making grants the past 6 months, the board has focused on preparing to take advantage of the results of the community needs assessment, and providing more than just money. The bylaws have been reviewed and adjusted as needed to make them consistent with expected future activities. Bob and other board members have begun developing relationships with other funding sources and community organizations so they can work together on the needs assessment results.
Part of this preparation was instituting the liaison program with those groups we invest in. This helps us better understand their needs long term, ensures our investment is spent well, and helps us create linkages between groups when appropriate. A number of members volunteered in response to Bob's request for members to work as liaisons with several of the groups we work with regularly.