Aileen introduced herself in September 2018 when she arrived as our new Exchange Student by dancing to K-Pop. Today she said goodbye by telling us about the highlight activity of each month she has been here. 
One of Aileen's first activities on arriving in August was preparing a Korean dinner for her host family.  In September a Phillies baseball game made her list.  We hope she does not share the Phillies' 2018 record with her friends. Ugh. The pace picked up in October with a selfie with the Eagles Mascot, a Halloween Party complete with costumes and a trip to Washington, DC to see the sights.  The Holiday Parade in Kennett Square made the cut and then it was off to NYC with the Interact Club. Christmas with all the traditions, a sleep over and last dinner with Aileen's first host family rounded out her first Semester in December. 
January Aileen reported lots of shopping trips to area malls bargain hunting.  February's highlight was her RYLA weekend experience and celebrating her birthday.  Snowboarding in March nearly did her in.  The snowboarding was fun and she did well, but she was barely able to walk the next day.  Snow boarding requires many different muscles than used in her dancing.  April was her second trip to Washington, DC. In May Aileen experienced her first ever high school prom.  Aileen really liked that.  She exclaimed many times that there are no Proms in Korea.  She made a point of telling us how much she enjoyed staying up until 3 AM and then sleeping until 3 PM that afternoon. 
Aileen thanked the club for the support.