With your participation, our Club ranked NUMBER 1 of 64 clubs in our DISTRICT, again!

What counts to your attendance?
Our meetings, Club hands-on projects such as Longwood Gardens Greeters, visiting other Clubs, other volunteer opportunities and community services.
Each reported event-participation will go towards a missed meeting and will help boost our attendance average in the District.

Make sure you scan your badge-barcode at our meetings for your Club attendance.
Keep forwarding your current attendance information to Leonie at

Active Members: 86

Club Resignations:
Monica Buffington, Cynthia Fannon, Greg Suplick, DeForest Johnson, Doug Nakashima

Leave of Absence;
Edward Bassett (winter only)
Rudy Karkosak
Saadia Khan
Deborah Lewis
Chad Laurence
Margaret Rover